Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Apple's Suprise for My Birthday

After buying my MacBook a little over a year ago and being a dedicated evangelist for everything Apple since, rumor has it they have decided to throw a special gathering to show off their latest innovations to analysts and the media, on my birthday in my honor.

They are planning "some form of display to take place on or after February 21st, yielding the 26th as the most likely date...". From the best I can tell, it looks like they planning on bringing one of my all time favorite bands out for the party as well. Mike Shinoda, the front-man of Linkin Park, said in a press release "Also, look forward to a special show that we’re doing in NYC in conjunction with Apple…shh…it’s a secret…"

Well thank you Apple, I'm flattered. I promise I will act surprised.

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