Saturday, February 09, 2008


A video was posted on youtube in which Tom Cruise proclaims, in part, that Scientologists are the only experts on the mind. The video was pulled due to a copyright violation claim by the Church of Scientology.

Enter "Anonymous".

In response to the take-down of the Cruise video, a group of vigilantes - calling themselves Anonymous - have retaliated against what they consider to be Internet censorship.

I just had to post this video (it has over 2 million views on youtube). It is the product of a fascinating social movement (Not that I condone their efforts, but fascinating all the same), completely utilizing the internet, which is mobilizing thousands of truth seekers all over the world. It became real for me this last week when I started a conversation with some masked men on campus at PSU with signs and fliers calling people to join in the world protest of Scientology - which takes place tomorrow (Feb 10).

More information:

I was just thinking, posting on this topic is probably a really good method to get some more traffic on my blog, even if it is spies from the Church of Scientology.

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