Friday, January 11, 2008

Voice of The Constitution *UPDATE*

I love this man. He is a voice of the Constitution. I applaud this man for his courage and nobility in facing such insurmountable odds.

*UPDATE 11:58pm* FOX pulled the video off YouTube! Someone uploaded it again so you better watch it while you can!

1000's of clips from the presidential debates have been uploaded on YouTube, but FOX decided to pull this one because of terms of use violation!?!? FOX will truly learn the lesson of blowback on this one. I love the power of the internet.

Whether he wins the election or not, a revolution has been started. I hope his name goes down in history as igniting the lost spark in the Republican party.

Oh, and can I say that I officially loathe FOX? In my mind, they have lost what little credibility they had left as a news source (And I used to be a Fox junkie, as little as a year ago). I'm sorry it had to be this way, but after this our ways must part.


Matt said...

Question: Is the Constitution an eternal, unchanging document? In other words, should it ever be changed? Should we ever go against it? Or does it contain the perfect set of guiding principles for our nation?

I think Ron Paul is urging us to re-examine certain decisions that we (as a country) made in the past. I think that's a good thing. I also like that he's a very principled man. He believes certain things and he applies those beliefs to all aspects of his life. I wish more politicians would be like him. It's sad that he's being so overlooked by major media in general (from what I've seen), though I don't understand why this makes you dislike FOX specifically as a media group. It's also really sad that the other republicans on stage treated him with such contempt. On the other hand, it was funny that he got the most applause every single time he talked than any other candidate up there.

I like Ron Paul. Although I'm not sure if he's being realistic with his practical suggestions: what he wants to do about the problems in the country and the world.

David Knepprath said...

No. Probably. Probably. No.

But if we are going to go against it, then we need to change it! A constitution provides a fundamental set of principles in which the government is run. As a presidential candidate, I think it should be your intention to attest to those principles, or work to change them.

Now, personally, I still see much validity in the Constitution. I believer there is wealth of wisdom that still has relevance to our world today.

My distaste for FOX has been many months in the making. "Outfoxed" definitely got me questioning some things. (FOX is not alone though. I generally prefer BBC, but I think a broad survey of all news sources works well too).