Monday, January 28, 2008

Turkish Asure

The Rosegarden Turkish American Cultural Center was handing out free cups of Asure (Noah's Pudding). My taste buds can't stop raving about this stuff. I know it doesn't look all that appetizing, but check out the ingredients.

Ingredients: Dövme (dehusked wheat), Chickpeas, Dry white beans, Rice, Water, Dried apricots, Dried figs, Raisins (seedless), Almonds, Orange zest, Sugar, Rose water, Walnuts (not crushed),
Pomegranate, Pine Nuts, Cinnamon, Sesame seeds, Molassas.

It is one of the oldest and best known desserts of Turkish Cuisine. Legend has it that when Noah's ark rested on dry land, Asure was the soup they made with all the remaining ingredients that they could find in the ark. It is traditional to share with friends and family, but since you are not with me in the library as I read this, here's the recipe: Turkish Asure


MaryandLindy said...

mmm looks yummy I'll have to try that sometime

Melany said...

Cool! I am definitely going to try this out... I like Turkish food (and coffee!)