Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Pusuit of God: Restoring the Creator-Creation Relation

This will be my final post in the series I have been doing on The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. From Chapter 8, Restoring the Creator-Creation Relation:
"Our break with the world will be the direct outcome of our changed relation to God. For the world of fallen men does not honor God. Millions call themselves by His name, it is true, and pay some token respect to Him, but a simple test will show how little He is really honored among them. Let the average man be put to the proof on the question of who or what is above, and his true position will be exposed. Let him be forced into making a choice between God and money, between God and men, between God and personal ambition, God and self, God and human love, and God will take second place every time. Those other things will be exalted above. However the man may protest, the proof is in the choices he makes day after day throughout his life." (Pg. 96-97)
Those are questions that I seek to have penetrate ever aspect of my life. Where's your money going? Your time? Where are your dreams directed? Your heart? What are you living for?
"Anyone who might feel reluctant to surrender his will to the will of another should remember Jesus' words, "Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin" (John 8:34). We must of necessity be servant to someone, either to God or to sin. The sinner prides himself on his independence, completely overlooking the fact that he is the weak slave of the sins that rule his members. The man who surrenders to Christ exchanges a cruel slave driver for a kind and gentle Master whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light." (Pg. 98)
So maybe a better question then the one I proposed above would be; what is keeping you from living? When we are restored to a right relation with God we are liberated to truly live, freed from the chains of sin and our old self. Having been convicted of sins in my life, as I read these words I can feel nothing but unhindered joy and excitement in our kind and gentle Master!

As you may have noticed, I skipped chapter 6 (The Speaking Voice) and 7 (The Gaze of The Soul). Not because they were bad, but simply because nothing really jumped and met me where I was at in life.

I did, however, really enjoy the last two chapters in their entirety.

The whole of chapter 9, Meekness and Rest, was an excellent breakdown of Matthew 11:28-30, "...My yoke is easy, and my burden is light". We can only arrive at this point if we get over ourselves and behold God.

Chapter 10, The Sacrament of Living, was a good summation of a holistic approach in our lives. Not living a divided spiritual life and a separate secular life while feeling guilty about the secular life, rather a single unified life pursuing God.

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Chapter 2: The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing
Chapter 3: Removing the Veil
Chapter 4: Apprehending God
Chapter 5: The Universal Presence
Chapter 8: Restoring the Creator-Creation Relation


Phil Smoke said...

"We must of necessity be servant to someone."
- A.W. Tozer

"You're gonna have to serve somebody."
- Bob Dylan

Uncanny. ;)

David Knepprath said...

Brilliant! Two of the greatest theologians of the 20th century. ;)