Monday, January 21, 2008

Leading up to MLK Jr. day, I wanted to educate myself on a social injustice that is occurring in our world today. When I was at Mission Connexion on Saturday evening, I attended a workshop on child sex trafficking. My eyes were opened to how big this issue is. This is not a detached issue that is occurring in isolated locations on the other side of the planet. It is a globalized criminal activity (2nd most profitable behind drug trafficking), and it's happening right here in America as well...on Craigslist nonetheless! (See: Craigslist "Call to Action" Campaign)

As if we needed further evidence of the depraved broken world that we live in. has a wealth of information to educate yourself with. I encourage you to watch the movie about how the organization got started. Then take a couple minutes to browse the "Get Educated". I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that the "Get Involved" section has a lot of really applicable, tangible, impactful, EASY ways to be a voice for the oppressed, especially the 146 ways to get involved.

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Melany said...

This issue was brought close to home for me as well. Some of the girls we work with in Romania are in situations where they would be considered "at risk" for sexual trafficking. Trafficking and prostitution are both a part of the evil that exists just beneath the surface of that area (and this area, as you pointed out!). Please do continue to educate yourself and to advocate for the victims of this dark practice.