Thursday, January 10, 2008

Justice Served *DELAYED*

Yesterday I was at the Clackamas County Courthouse.

My mom was thoroughly shaken a couple weeks ago when a sheriffs car pulled up to our house. Even more so when he asked for me. I'm sure questions were racing through her head; something along the lines of "what is he REALLY doing on Friday nights?!" Fortunately he was only delivering a suopena for me to testify in court against a drunk driver I had called into 911 a few months prior.

I had debated on whether or not to call 911, but I finally realized that not only was his reckless driving putting himself in danger, but the lives of others on the road. After speaking a couple times with the District Attorney on the phone, he explained my role in the case was an essential piece to the puzzle. I came to the conclusion it was worth it to miss my second day of classes to make sure he faces the consequence of his actions.

Unfortunately, the hearing was bumped back to March 25. I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Sitting down and talking through the process with the DA. People watching for an hour outside the courtrooms while I was waiting. And finally, walking past the man I accused outside the courthouse.

Okay, that last one wasn't exactly enjoyable. I'm not going to lie. I was scanning the vicinity for the closest police officer and I definitely was watching my back before I got in the car. Good thing I was borrowing a friends car in case the guy got the plates.

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Wandering Home said...

Sounds like an interesting day to say the least!