Sunday, January 06, 2008


I love my friends.

With Nightstrike on a hiatus until January 18th (the director is taking his sabbatical), a few of my friends and I were itching to get back out and serve. On Friday night 12 of us got together at Winco and spent roughly $10 on 4 loaves of bread, peanut butter, jelly, and hot cocoa. We carpooled downtown. I opened up Liberation and we put together walk-about bags for 3 groups. Each bag had just over a loaf of PB&J's, 20 socks, and carafe of Hot Cocoa with 20 cups. Before hitting the streets we spent some time in worship, prayer, orientation to prepare our hearts and minds, and read through Matthew 5:1-16. We spent the next 2 hours on the cold, wet, and windy streets of Portland serving our city and loving on people.

I was really challenged by something Marshall (the director of Bridgetown) said a couple months ago to a group of 120 volunteers before Nightstrike. He questioned whether this would still happen if Bridgetown wasn't there? Would the Church still be alive and active? (For a great quick read on what the healthy Church looks like using different analogies in Scripture, check out Mark's Lesson #2: The Church as the family and body of Christ)

I am so blessed to have a great group of friends who are pursuing what living a Christ-centered life looks like in the context of being a young adult in the 21st century.

And since when does AOL know how to advertise?


Phil Smoke said...

First thought: I want to come visit Portland!

Second thought: Crap, why am I not doing that here?

David Knepprath said...

Let me know if you are ever in Portland bro. You have an apartment right downtown that you are more then welcome to crash at!

Phil Smoke said...

Wow, thank you. And you have a dorm room at your disposal if you're ever in Columbus, Ohio!

PondererGirl said...

Cool about the impromptu nightstrike. And what is AOL doing with that ad? Crazy!