Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tea Party 2007

After raising $4.3 million on Nov 5th, the Ron Paul revolutionaries are at it again with another "money bomb". Marking the 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, Ron Paul could be making history, through a Tea Party in his honor, with the largest single day fund raiser ever.

John Kerry raised $5.7 million in 2004, and Ron Paul is sitting at just over $5.5 million with a few more hours to ago. Here's the live graph. It's worth noting there are nearly 55,000 total donors with over 25,000 being there first timer donating to the Ron Paul campaign (this is not the wealthy few, this is the masses reaching deep into there pockets to have there voice heard).

UPDATE: It looks like he just hit $5.8 million!!! (8:25 PM West Coast)
UPDATE: $5.9 million! (8:46 PM)
UPDATE: Surpassed $6 million!

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