Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cody and The Drug Dealer

I just got finished orientating a team from Crossroads Community Church. It's a stellar group from their "Bridge" ministry (18-30 somethings group). Right off the bat they were drilling Brian and I with deep challenging questions. After having some awesome conversation with different people on the team and getting them settled in for the night at Liberation, I walked out and ran into a guy named Cody. I had given him a bottle of water earlier in the evening (for his epilepsy med's).

I spent the next 45 minutes with Cody on my knees listening to his story. I ended up encouraging him in his walk with Jesus, and finally, spending some time in prayer with him (he is in remission from leukemia).

As if the story of this evening could possibly get any better, a man walked up to us and offered to sell Cody some pot. After adamantly declining the guy looked up at me, and of all things, crossed himself. I was thoroughly puzzled while he simply got a huge grin on his face.

He said, "You're Christian aren't you? I know you."

Now, further puzzled, I asked how. He said I had served him food underneath the Burnside bridge one time.

Wouldn't it be amazing if that's what Christians were known for; even among the drug dealers and addicts, the orphans and prostitutes?

I love the life God has given me!


Tiana said...

That was a cool story! Keep loving people David!

PondererGirl said...


Shawnda said...

Jesus was known for hangin' out with those sorts.. Love it!

Ema said...

Nice. What a blessing it is that God's hands are at work in our lives. I pray that God will continue to find workers for the harvest. May his light shine on and through us so that many more people will experience and see Him. God bless you, David.