Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Adsense (aka. Coffee Fund)

I am on a very stringent budget, being that I am a poor college student who works 30+ hours a week which I technically don't get paid for. I have a rent check and food bill (I never eat out, except under the Bridge on Friday night) which I split with my room mate. A cell phone bill. The occasional MAX ticket. It has been a good practice in penny pinching and cutting a lot of the luxuries in life that aren't necessary (And who would of guessed, I still love life!).

But it sure is nice to get a coffee once and awhile, and I don't even have expensive taste for coffee. $1.90 for a 16oz Americano does me just fine. So, with much personal debate, I decided to implement adsense (supposedly it crawls my blog and connects relevant advertisers to the topics I post about, for which I in turn get paid a marginal amount per click) on my blog so I can occasionally buy an Americano without feeling guilty for spending money that I don't have.


Bryan said...

I've never been so interested in ads in all my life, but I feel as if your ads just speak to me :) Cheers!

David Knepprath said...

And you my friend, just about bought me 2 Americano's. Thank you kindly! :)

Bryan said...

Seriously? How much do get per ad?