Monday, November 05, 2007

The Two Ron's

As I have researched Ron Paul I have been amazed at his integrity, clarity, and foresight when it comes to decision making. Republicans call for another great Ronald Reagan, well I've got a candidate for you that was pulling for Reagan before most republicans thought he had a was worth anything. "Ron Paul is one of only four Republican Congressman to have endorsed Ronald Reagan over Gerald Ford in his failed 1976 run at the Whitehouse." (USA Daily)

On a side note, anyone who chalks Ron Paul off as a fringe candidate who only has a small group of fanatical followers (first of all, you need to stop listening to MSNBC and FOX, who have their own prerogatives to push) you should check out Paul's donation graph for today. In the first half of today alone, he has raised over $2,000,000. That's a heck of a lot more money then a small fanatical group of followers can raise in one day (especially when combined with the fact that he has already pulled together a few million dollars over the last couple months).

Ron Who? A New Hope?

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Ian said...

Hey we have president elections this sunday!
i am excited for a new president! :)
Not as exciting or important for the world as your will be next year. And thanks for posting really great thoughts and insights.

take care