Sunday, November 18, 2007

In 48 Hours:

I discipled/encourage/worked alongside over 30 teenagers who are enthusiastically learning and experiencing what it means to live a life of radical compassion totally abandoned to Jesus on an Urban Mission trip through Bridgetown Ministries.

I helped mobilize over 200 Christians in the NW at Nightstrike to be the eyes/ears/hands/mouth/heart of Jesus loving on over 300 of the most hurting and marginalized of Portland.

I helped serve, and ate :), 2 Thanksgiving dinners to a total of over 700.

I had a test in Probability & Statistics and Sociology.

I slept 5 hours.

I loved every second of it (except for the tests)!!!

On Saturday Bridgetown Ministries also gave Thanksgiving Baskets (with everything needed to eat and prepare a complete Thanksgiving meal, from the table clothe to the turkey) to over 100 families (which puts the grand total of Thanksgiving meals served at nearing 1,000) at the low income apartment complexes we have developed relationships with over the last couple years through B-Town Kids. (Unfortunately I can't be at two places at once, so I wasn't able to directly be a part of this one).

None of this would have been possible if it hadn't been for the local church pulling together resources and manpower. What a blessing to witness the local church in action, glorifying our Father in Heaven!

I thank God for this opportunity to learn and experience so much as he continues to shape me as His vessel.

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Chara said...

Wow! That is awesome! Sounds like you have been busy! Reading this makes me miss BTown and all the people I got to meet while down there.
~Kari (the now ex-intern) :P