Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ron Who? A New Hope?

If politics haven't really been on your radar (understandably) then you definitely haven't heard of Ron Paul. I just ask that you give this guy a chance (and by that I mean watch this short 8 minute video). He is truly a breath of fresh air.

I have been following this guy since April. It is great to see him finally gaining some traction.

He is shaping up to be the only candidate, under either party's banner, that is worth getting excited about. That's an around about way of saying; "don't be surprised if you see more about this guy on my blog in the next couple months".


Bryan said...

Hey David,
I can't agree with you enough about this guy. Ron Paul is seriously AMAZING...especially when compared to any other candidates.

Ron Paul has my vote for sure. Glad to see more people spreading the word.

PondererGirl said...

Every weekend there is a car parked in the HEB (grocery store) parking lot covered in Ron Paul bumper stickers. When I say covered, I mean covered. A group of college agers hold up signs that say Google Ron Paul. I always think I will and then I forget. Tonight's the night.
Thanks for the post.