Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Reunion

The rush and excitement underneath the Burnside Bridge was thrilling last Friday. Roughly 80 volunteers, 90% of whom were down for the first time. It was a beautiful thing to witness so many putting aside all of their own insecurities, stepping outside of their selfish ambition, and allowing something bigger then themselves to work through them. I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of that, and for the opportunity to encourage them in their pursuit of Him.

In the midst of this outpouring of love, my eyes caught Carl, sportin his usual bandanna, slipping through the crowds of people.

It had been months since I had seen him last, after which I wrote "Carl's Story" in September. My heart leaped with joy and I chased after him. The reunion was warm and complete, despite the disconnect in our months apart. With a grin I asked if he had got his feet washed yet, he returned the grin and said no.

I washed Carl's feet.

Since his first job out of the Culinary Institute, he has moved on and up to a better job as the assistant chief at a cafe/catering business in Lloyd's Center. This has also brought a harder work scheduale and more hours. He has either been working Fridays night's or has been dead dog tired after a 10-12 hour shift. It was his 35th birthday on Saturday. We discussed his walk with Jesus and how God has been working in his life.

I relished in the reunion as the MAX train screeched by to our backs, hundreds of God's dearest children being served out of love in front of us, and the dim flickering yellow lights overhead; with great anticipation we discussed the final ultimate reunion with each other and our Father in Heaven. I suggested that I might have the chance to wash his feet in Heaven, to which he responded "Maybe I will wash your feet for a change".

Time stood still.

An overwhelming mental image and the emotional state of this thought, for a brief instant, were tangibly real.

We spent a few minutes in prayer. After getting his phone number, I am currently making plans to break the Cardinal Rule of Nightstrike ("Never give out your number, take home, or make plans to meet up with anyone"), and will be meeting Carl for lunch in the next couple weeks (I'm staff now, so I have that liberty, and I have had a relationship with Carl for almost a year now). I am going to pick up a copy of Mere Christianity for him as a belated birthday present.


MaryandLindy said...

It was great to hear some of the other details about your time with Carl last week. Yay for you getting Mere Christianity into another person's hands. Speaking of heaven conversations, can you imagine what you'll have to say to C.S. Lewis? That's a cool thought. I am so glad you get to be involved in this ministry David.


Elia said...

Ok, so next time Carl is at Nightstrike, I definitely want to meet him.