Monday, October 08, 2007

Lord Save Us From Your Followers

Lord Save Us From Your Followers, with it's provocative title and chock full of brutal truth, will be a piercing documentary for any of the 200+ million Christian in America, and a breath of fresh air for the rest. I got the opportunity to watch a pre-release copy of this feature length movie, and I was floored.

Between hard hitting interview segments with Tony Campolo, raw footage from the cleanup efforts still continuing in New Orleans, and emotional excerpts from a Blue Like Jazz-esque confessional booth at Portland's own Gay Pride Festival (Much like Tony the Beat Poet, who is also interviewed in the movie, and Donald Miller, he is the one asking the visitors for forgiveness) are scattered controversial clips about Christianity, ranging from Al Franken to Rick Santorum, which you must decide for yourself whether you agree with or not. He does not mount some lofty impenetrable argument to crush his enemy (I have no clue who that would even be), it is merely a dialog that will have you laughing and crying and enough spark for hours of discussion afterwards.

His interview's throughout the movie are far from being an accurate sampling of the total population. However, I found the entire movie to be completely supported by the exhaustive scientific data collected by the Barna Group which I am reading about in unChristian. The two compliment each other perfectly.

Walking away from the movie I realized that in the context of American culture today, condemnation of sin is more often than not assumed without words or actions. Christ followers need to step out with the radical compassion and love that Jesus demonstrated and reserve the judgemental attitude for our own Pharisaical ways.

This point is driven home at the conclusion of the movie with scenes and interviews from underneath the Burnside Bridge at Nightstrike.


PondererGirl said...

Hey - I've not heard of this. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Mark Pepin said...

This is a Trojan Horse movie produced by a social liberal who's purpose is to marginalize and silence those on the right who would dare speak up for truth. The problem with the movie is that it does not HONESTLY examine the fault of the right (emphasizing truth over grace) and falls into the same dang hole, emphasizing grace over truth. In the end, he is no better than those he criticizes.