Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Conversation While Getting a Haircut

I got tired of my hair.

I made an appointment.

God had a greater appointment.

The conversation with my hair stylist was completely a God thing, a reminder of how God is arranging divine appointments around every turn. One specific comment has been bouncing around in my head all afternoon.

We had a great conversation about life, which turned to Spirituality, and finally to Church. She shared a story about when she invited her husband to church years ago for Easter. After attending the Easter service at one of the larger churches in Gresham he commented; "that wasn't a church service, that was a flat out Broadway production".

He wasn't interested in being entertained.

He hasn't been back.

Maybe this woman's husband is on to something about "Church" that the the millions of us "church consumers" (Dan Franklin just wrote a fascinating blog on a very similar subject) are missing.

Oh, and my hair is shorter (though not short) then it has been in a long time. It feels great!


Mirranda said...

wow, do you actually like your haircut for once? Amazing.

I found the coat by the way. Thank you and your mother anyway though. :)

David Knepprath said...

I did not say I like my haircut, but the lack of so much hair is quite enjoyable.

Elia said...

Is this the same lady who has cut your hair before, or someone different? Either way, I think it totally cool that you had that conversation about the church. I can relate to what her husband said in regards the church service feeling like a show.