Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is why switched over to Macs almost a year ago and have no intention to ever go back...

This guy selected every application on his MacBook Pro and opened it at the same time and this was the result:

Ya, It took 12 minutes, but still! I never would have dared trying that on a Windows machine...unless I was trying to crash it.

UPDATE: I put my MacBook to the test. It took about 15 minutes (enough time to brush my teeth and get ready for bed) to open everything (including resource hogs like iPhoto, Word, Powerpoint, Halo, Google Earth, Garageband, and iMovie) at which point I was able to pull up my Dashboard, use Expose (looked pretty stinkin similar to the screen shot above) and tab through each app to close them. I fired up Firefox, and viola! Here I am, still running strong.

Now you can sleep soundly being assured of the stability of Macs. Goodnight all!


Ian said...

I just love macs...
hope you are doing well!! :)

David Knepprath said...

I am grateful to have others that share in my obsession. :)

MaryandLindy said...

Um, You win!!! I was downloading people's blogs on google reader (which is VERY helpful by the way, thanks) AND downloading two sermons from GSCC... and my computer just shut off...shut off completely. Jeez!