Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Serenity Sequel Possible?

During an interview concerning the Collectors Edition Serenity DVD; creator, Joss Whedon, revealed a juicy little tidbit concerning a possible sequel:
"Slice of Sci-Fi: So give me hope for a Serenity II.
Joss Whedon: Hope for it probably rests with this DVD."

This is possibly the most under-rated - no, I can't even say that, because it got decent reviews - under-appreciated Movie/TV Series of all time. Give it a shot. And if you don't, it doesn't matter. Chances are you will be receiving the Collectors Edition DVD as a gift from me for your next Birthday / Christmas / Anniversary / Valentines / Easter / Presidents Day / Ground Hog Day / Dia De Los Muertos / St. Patricks Day / Assumption of Mary Day / Independence Day / Flooding of the Nile Day / Labor Day / Midsummer Day / Cinco De Mayo / Ganesh Chaturthi / Martin Luther King Day / Tet Day / Columbus Day / Chinese New Year / Guy Fawkes Day ...


Mirranda said...

I look forward to receiving my Guy Fawkes Day present. :)

Matt said...

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Matt said...

I posted that comment on the wrong post. Curses!