Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Operation Karamajong

Operation Karamajong is the next phase in a multi pronged effort to see the peace of Jesus grip the war torn tribes of Uganda.
"In September, after a year of preparation, five elders from the Portland area will be traveling with us to invest three weeks to develop relationships and teach the concept of peace to three separate tribes that only know bloodshed as the means for conflict resolution." (
I had the opportunity to attend a "Healing the Wounds of Trauma Workshop" along side 3 of these men. They are men with the face of Jesus, and I was truly blessed to learn alongside them. You can follow their progress here. I ask that you take this moment, right now as you read this, to pray for them. They are sacrificing their comforts, safety, time, money, and being with their family to help those in this extremely unstable dangerous region.

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PondererGirl said...

So are in the fields? What's the deal?