Monday, July 16, 2007

Dymaxion Sleep

I'm starting to think I was on to something a couple posts back.

Richard Buckminster Fuller, a genius by all standards, has claimed that "two hours of sleep a day... is plenty." The Dymaxion system of sleeping has much scientific support, read the article. He also "wishes the nation's "key thinkers" could adopt his schedule; he is convinced it would shorten the war."

Maybe I should have gone to Starbucks after Bible Study after all. It's only 10:30pm, I still have 7 more hours to study for my Spanish final before I need to go to sleep, this is great!


Dan Franklin said...

Good luck on the Spanish test.
And good luck trying to get by on two hours of sleep. Sounds likely to work.

Mirranda said...

I TOLD you. :)

PondererGirl said...

Didn't Kramer try that once?

David Knepprath said...

So this is also the secret to Kramer's genius! This is even better then I thought!