Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One Up Me

...I dare you!

The challenge is for you to come up with a more witty/creative/original completion to a given sentence then me (and the roughly 40 other people who contribute) thereby "one up-ing me".

Example (Yesterday's winner, which just so happened to be posted by none other then myself.):

"He was like an elevator: never to be trusted in cases of emergency."

The registration is perfectly harmless (it doesn't even require an email address). Once you have a log-in you are able to post, as well as vote for the entries you think are best (just reading the entries can be entertaining in and of itself).

Every morning at 7:00 (eastern) a new sentence is posted along with the previous days winner. You have until 7:00 in the evening to post a reply and until midnight to vote.

I'm putting a link on my blog under "Site I Visit", if you are ever looking for a productive mentally stimulating way to burn some time.

...and it's a lot more fun then Sudoku.


Mirranda said...

"He was like an elevator: his conversation skills were as bland as monotonous music."

I noticed you didn't tell me about it until you had won yesterday... I am on to your game, mi amigo!

David Knepprath said...

Oh very nice.

I told you before I had won, but after it was too late for you to provide some competition. :)

Bryan said...

Heh, that's a pretty cool website... you're on come next Monday.

PondererGirl said...

How fun is that?!