Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Snap Shots

You may have noticed a crazy little window, when you hover over a link, that pops up a thumbnail version of the corresponding website (pretty slick eh?). It was a nifty little app that went by the mouthful of a name "Snap Preview Anywhere". Well, they just recently completed a major overhaul and renamed to simply: "Snap Shots".

They have enhanced the functionality enormously!

For example, now the books (like this enlightening book on a brilliant German theologian, Bonhoeffer Speaks Today) and music (such as the brand new Bright Eyes album, Cassadaga) that I link to on Amazon show a "Snap Shot" of specifically the cover and product description, instead of the whole webpage.

If I link to a video, such as the amazing Bono acceptance speech that I posted awhile back (if you haven't seen it, watch it NOW!), you can watch the clip without even leaving my site.

Or, if I reference Shaun of the Dead on IMDB, because it was the sensational British comedy by the masterminds behind the upcoming Hot Fuzz, an overview is embedded right into my blog.

Now I can make an obscure reference, such as to a little known author by the name of Randy Alcorn, and simply link to Wikipedia if I am too lazy to explain. Meanwhile, you can quickly and efficiently get up to speed from the comfort of my very own URL.

Exciting stuff happening these days here at my humble blog.

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