Monday, April 30, 2007

Corruption of Control

I suffered from a bit of procrastination, but it's still April! So, in honor of National Poetry Month, here's my best shot:

Corruption of Control

In peace,
in safety,
in control,
my hearts turns soft.

Control turns me inward.
Not in love outward,
or in thanks upward.
Scavenging to acquire, I forget.

In control,
in comfort,
in luxury,
my hearts turns hard.

False control seeds selfishness.
Empty comfort sprouts weakness.
Luxury blossoms greed.

White, gripping with fears.
Sweaty, clinging in tears.

Gripping that which gives me control.
Clinging to that which fills the hole.
gripping and clinging -
to shadows of reality.


Mirranda said...

I still love it. The original was good, the revisions... brilliant. :)

Melany said...

Wow- you did it! I am impressed! :)And now it's May 1... Guess I missed the boat on National Poetry Month. Unless I post date something. :)