Saturday, February 17, 2007

Apple & The Emerging Church

It's official, if you want to be a good post-modern Christian in the emerging church you must own an Apple. Read on in the following excerpts from...

Sex God by Rob Bell:
"My brother just got a new Apple computer. Several of us were there when he opened it, and we were so into it that we were actually handing the various parts around the oom. If you have taken part in this particular ritual, then you know that Apple ships everything in white and silver bags and liners that would make dirt look attractive. We were passing the power cord around the room, admiring its design.

Were we losing our minds? The power cord?

The designers at Apple understand something significant about what it means to be human: we are hardwired to appreciate sensory experience"

The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch:
"Most effort at change in the church fail to deal with the very assumptions on which Christendom is built and maintains itself. The change of thinking needed in our day as far as the church and its mission are concerned must be radical indeed; that is, it must go to the roots o the problem. Perhaps a way of conceiving this is the reflect on how computers and software interrelate. Following the approach taken by the developers of Apple computers, if one seeks to constantly create a better computer product, systematic development has to take place on three levels, namely those of the machine hardware, operating system, and end-user programs.

This illustration points out that it's no use developing great software when the operating system and the machine language, or hardware, won't or can't cope with it. Great user-programs are limited to the extent that the rest of the system remains underdeveloped. There are underlying systemic issues that need to be addressed. To create a successful, world-leading product, development must be attentive to all three levels to be effective. Hence, Apple advances as an integrated whole."


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Laura Jean said...

well hi david! i just saw your link on dan and karina's page! i'm sorry to say that i do not own an apple computer, but due to the depressing lack of unmarried people on my blogger friends list at the present time, i hope you won't mind me making a link to your page... hope life is going well for you!