Thursday, January 11, 2007

The iPhone all its beautiful/functional/intuitive/genius/revolutionary glory:

On an even more glorious note, a two hour delay because of icy roads couldn't have fallen on a better day. All classes before 10:00 were canceled. For example, a 9:00 Spanish 102 class would be canceled. For some people, this class is potentially their only class of the day resulting in a full blown all out SNOW DAY! But alas, some parts of life must go on, which is why I am sitting in my cubicle at working posting this blog.

My sincerest apologies go out to all who received snow and below freezing temperatures in vain.



Robert Clifton said...

I wish they would have played a movie, but i like the two fingered zoom.

David Knepprath said...

I chose this video because I felt it did a really good job of summing up all the best features.

A little bit of video playback would have been nice, but really, thats nothing that the regular iPod doesn't already do. Though I do wonder how smooth the vertical to horizontal transition is during video playback.

kristin said...

that's high praise for a phone, dk.

Mirranda said...

I already talked to you about the phone.

But how can one receive snow "in vain"? It is incomprehensible. Snow is too pretty to exist "in vain".

Melany said...

In Wisconsin, we don't believe in snow days. We'd probably end up with a snow semester if we did. :\