Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 NAIAS

Gotta love auto show season. My personal highlights from the 2007 North American International Autoshow:

Best Production Vehicle: Cadillac CTS

Need I say more? Actually, yes. Just wait for the CTS V-Series!

Best Concept Vehicle: Chevrolet Volt Consider the hybrid reinvented. The Volt is technically a "concept car", but the idea is being prepared for production. The vehicle is completely driven by electric motors allowing it to run off virtually any power source. Plug it in (pulling electricity from such sources as wind, coal, hydro-electric, nuclear, geothermal, etc.) to charge and travel 40 miles purely on battery. If you need to go further you can fill up the built in generator with any number of fuels (ethanol, gasoline, biodiseal, and conceivably hydrogen when that day comes) to recharge the battery on the fly, allowing you to travel significantly further and achieve 150 MPG!


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