Monday, December 04, 2006


I've been wanting to get into snowshoeing the last couple winters but have never had the opportunity. It's cheap, it's a good work, it's fun, and it is a beautiful way to enjoy God's majestic creation.

Mt. Hood rising proudly over the frozen Trillium Lake

If anyone ever wants to go, just let me know!

This week feels relaxing after last weeks AIDS Awareness Week despite the fact that I'm preparing for finals next week. I consider last week a smashing success. It gave our club the opportunity to interact with hundreds of students on campus as well as raising $657 (which blew away even my most optimistic expectations).

Have a blessed week!

David Knepprath


Melany said...

Gorgeous photo! I want to go snowshoeing...! :)

Hey, it is awesome that you were able to raise so much money. Praise the Lord for the success!

Mirranda said...

I want to go have fun in the snow!

And that is exciting, congratulations! You did good!

...Even if you did get a reputation as a jerk... ;)

Mirranda said...

P.S. I had to switch accountss finally. So you should put up the link to the other blog - I won't be posting on the one you have linked here anymore.