Thursday, December 28, 2006

Did Jesus Wear Clothes?

I got the opportunity to listen to Donald Miller speak tonight. He proposed the following:

Our need to cover up our nakedness is a direct result of the fall and our need of outside approval, out of which our culture has created this imaginary "life boat" mentality (in which we all have to argue our own self worth in other peoples eyes), which Jesus was outside of, being true God.

My questions is: did Jesus wear clothes, and if so, why?

I know I horribly presented his thoughts (being that it took him 45 minutes to break it down I don't think I did too shabby). However, I highly recommend reading Donald Millers "Searching for God Knows What" which covers the backdrop to the question very well. I was able to speak with him afterwards and if you were curious about the answer, he did provided a very intelligent one. "Yes Jesus wore clothes out of humility, as part of his becoming true man. He probably hated wearing clothes." :)

For the most part he spoke on the question "Does Christianity explain the reality of the world we live in?". If you read my blog regularly you know that is exactly the concept I have been wrestling with, especially as I have been reading "Simply Christian" by N.T. Wright. I asked Donald Miller if he had read the book and it turns out he hasn't, but he did buy an autographed copy recently when he was visiting N.T. Wrights castle in Durham England. I also got the inside scoop on Mr. Wright. Apparently he has a fancy for classic British sports cars and golfing.


Anonymous said...

There are people who live in hot areas of the planet presently who don't wear clothes. So i doubt Jesus wore clothes "as part of his becoming true man".

I'd say that Jesus wore clothes because it was the norm within the culture he lived. Though from what i know of him it was propably some dirty rag...

David Knepprath said...

This is true, but Don talked about this as well. Even in those cultures there is some sort of thread or jewelry that is worn and if removed in public there is great shame associate with it.