Thursday, November 09, 2006

Major Blog Milestone

My blog has officially reached new heights.

Thanks to "Perpetual Anticipation" I have at long last dethroned the "David Knepprath", whose claim to fame is making t-shirts out of his kitchen, of his seemingly insurmountable reign in the fiercely competitive cyber space name ranking. Consequently, this has also pushed "David Knepprath" the not-so-well-known hockey player (Never mind the fact that he plays for the Chicago Gay Hockey Association. Who knew such a thing even existed?) even further down in his cyber status.

I know, I have tough competition. But it's true! Go ahead, Google my name.



Mirranda said...

My hearty congratulations to you on this joyous occassion!

That is what I love about my mispelled name - every link is about me. Or, at least, the first page of results. :)

Who knew there was another Knepprath?

Nathan Green said...

you have it easy, i have to go against a guy that plays golf in the PGA