Saturday, November 04, 2006


I have a shameful confession to make.

My brother brought home a stack of pre-release Christmas albums this weekend. After flipping through the pile I spotted a song by David Crowder. After importing a few albums into iTunes I...*deep breath*...listened to Christmas music.



Melany said...

That IS shameful David! You know that there is an (unwritten) law that you are not supposed to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving...?! After all, it wouldn't do to celebrate Jesus' birthday two months early... :) LOL How was the song? Are you now in a spirit of peace, goodwill, and Christmas joy? :)

Mirranda said...

David Andrew (Jebediah) Knepprath!!! How DARE you! You KNOW how I feel about that.

I am severely disappointed in you.

David Knepprath said...


I think I am going to get together my Trans-Siberian Orchestra collection, some good ol' Mannheim Steamrollers, and finally open the Jars of Clay Christmas EP that I have been dieing to listen to since July.

No more apologies. :)

Tabs said...

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT be ashamed! I have already started listening to Christmas music and it is so fine to do in November. During October might be a bit much but November is completely and totally acceptable. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. :)

David Knepprath said...

Tabs, I think we need to start a support group for people like us. To help us cope with all the depressing Christmas haters in the world who would try and rob us of our joy and heap guilt on our shoulders for enjoying the birth of our Savior! ;)

Mirranda said...

I am not a Christmas hater. I love Christmas - which is why it shouldn't be celebrated weeks before preceding holidays like Halloween, Veteran's Day, and Thanksgiving - it takes away from the enjoyment of Christmas. You're ruining Christmas!!!

You are the true hater of Christmas. It is people like you that make people with the future of Christmas at heart despair.

Sparky T said...

Okaty, my last attempt didn't post, so here goes again.

I'm going to have to take Mirranda's side on this one. I worked in a kennel over Christmas time one year, and they played Christmas music over and over, starting before Thanksgiving.

Christmas music is too good to spread out over two months.

And it takes away from the other holidays and makes them seem meaningless. Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Boxing Day (Canada).

*Disclaimer*: Trans-Siberian Orchestra has a license to be played from October 1st through March 31, it's that good.

Tabs said...

Yes, David, we do need to start a group. If only to help you cope with these mean friends you have. ;)

David Knepprath said...

Sparky, I'm not sure this argument makes to much sense:

"Christmas music is too good to spread out over two months."

If Christmas music really is so good, which we all know it is, then you would WANT to spread it out over more then only two months.

The Holidays you listed pale in comparison to the birth of Jesus. I have no problem with them taking a backseat to this joyous celebration. Besides I'm not aware of any "Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, or Boxing Day" songs worth listening to.

Sparky T said...

I've listened to enough Christmas music to know that there is not enough to spread out over 2 months. You can pretty much listen to every single christmas song in, at the very most, two days. At least the songs worth listening too.

It is too good to spread out, because there is not enough of it to remain at a high standard for very long.

And no, I was not comparing the holidays to Jesus, I was comparing Christmas music to other music. It's hard to get some Christmas anticipation long before the holiday. Look how long you have to wait! You may be strong enough, but others arund you may suffer from it's-not-Christmas-time-yet blues.

So do your brothers and sisters a favor, put a hold on the Christmas music, until after the other holidays have passed. (except Boxing day...forget that I think it's the 26th of December) No there is not any good Thanksgiving music, but you can try to keep thanksgiving in your heart before pushing it out with visions of sugar plums.

David Knepprath said...

Sorry, nice try Sparky. I've been listening to the new Jars of Clay album since July. There is plenty of Christmas music that is worth listening to at least that long. In fact, I have two new Trans-Siberian Orchestra albums on there way from as of last night. I should be good until well past the 25th.

Jessi said...

This is my theory.

Christmas and its theme enhances all other holidays. Why are we even happy that we are alive? Why are we thankful (Thanksgiving), loving (Valentines Day) patriotic (4th of July, Veteran's Day, etc) and hopeful and goal-oriented (New Year's) ? All of this centers around the birth of Jesus (Christmas). Therefore, Christmas music should be listened to all year round! I am not exaggerating and I will explain my points.

The theme of Christmas music enhances one's understanding and appreciation of all other holidays and life in general. This does not mean that we should listen to Christmas music 24/7/365. This means that there is a healthy way to spread Christmas music throughout the year, enabling us to keep that spirit of greatfulness, joy, and love that Christ has called us to have, not only at Christmas but all the time.

So don't feel guilty :)

David Knepprath said...

Truly brilliant Jessi.