Monday, November 27, 2006

AIDS Awareness Week

Well its finally here. After much prayer and scrambling to pull things together over the last 2 months, on top of everything else, it has finally come together. Please keep the volunteers and the MHCC campus in your prayers as we raise donations (through raffling off an iPod) for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative the rest of the week. This is an awesome opportunities to represent Christ in a positive way that challenges peoples preconceived notions of "Christian's". How everything pieced together from the tables displays, to the fliers, to the enthusiasm of volunteers (even from other clubs!), and even the willingness of those on campus to respond to the need has blown me away. I hope to have more information and pictures up at the end of the week.

Hope you have a great week, mine is going to fly by!

For His Glory,
David Knepprath

P.S. It's snowing!

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Melany said...

Haha- so now you are the one with snow! Are you enjoying it? It is warm here... I don't mind- I just want snow for Christmas!

Hope everything goes well for Aids Awareness week. I think it is a great idea. Along with joing InterVarsity, we are hoping to make Christian Fellowship more visible on campus. I am definately interested in more suggestions for outreach- you seem to be a good ideas person!