Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lost in Argument

I know Dan talks himself up to be your savior from the chains of slavery that watching Lost will bind you in. I know this frankness and confidence can be extremely persuasive. Believe it or not, you are free to watch whatever show you please. Watch a couple episodes (if it is Lost you are trying out, I suggest you start at the beginning), if you do/don't like it, no one has the right to prevent/force you to watch it. I watch Lost because of its brilliant blend of mystery, complexity, philosophy, consistency (I threw that one in there just for you, Dan), action, drama and intrigue.

Now, I thought my comprehensive Lost history lesson (I know, I have officially been raised to "Lost nerdom" status) was enough, but it appears that some of it went right over peoples heads. This is probably better anyhow. Dan has clarified his arguments, so can address each point for point in a very clear format.

It is also worth noting (although, I figured this was common sense), that because this show actually progresses at a decent speed, it doesn't document every minute of every day. There are conceivably events, and and maybe even whole conversations, that we as viewers are not aware of.

First of all, David spent most of his post making points that are totally irrelevant to my argument.

You say my post was irrelevant to your arguments, but all of my rebuttals to your arguments which you claim were unaddressed are taken straight from my last post. I admit, there was a lot to swallow in that post, so I won't hold it against you. Hopefully this format will be more clear for you, or maybe I should spread my defense of a single argument out over an entire season?

The brutal inconsistency in David's post is when he says that no one has seen anything beyond flashing lights and hieroglyphics. Desmond saw and experienced much more than this in the flashback.

Locke and Henry had experienced more then just "lights and hieroglyphics". I will ask you again, are you sure you didn't miss a couple episodes?

Desmond saw and experienced much more than this in the flashback. For heaven's sake, are we forgetting the magnetic field that brought down the plane?!

I know this is confusing Dan, there are a lot of flashbacks you have to keep straight, but there is indeed a time when Desmond does not know the full consequences of pressing the button late (This should be made more clear in my next answer).

And when it starts happening again to Locke and Desmond, do we see Desmond saying, "It's okay, this happened before." No! He jets down to turn the emergency switch! It makes no sense.

Your memory is foggy on this event as well. Desmond flips through the computer log printout found in "The Pearl", at which point he does realize that something happens (something MORE then just the chaos within the hatch) when you don't press the button, that he was responsible for bringing down the plane the day that he entered the code late. It is at this point he does try and stop Locke only to have Locke in his irrational confused state of mind destroy the computer. In Lost's typical manner, we still don't know the complete consequence of the code not being entered, because it is at this point that Desmond "jets down" to activate the emergency switch. Groovy?

Dan, I will be having Lost night at my house this year (if you want to watch it in all of it's High Definition glory), you are more then welcome over.


P.S. I am not going to deny conceivable inconsistency's in Lost plot line, but this is to be expected with such a complex story. But, I honestly believe this is not one of them. Sorry.


Dan Franklin said...

You're so wrong. . .and so, so funny. You had me rolling with all your knocks on 24. I still don't think it makes any sense for Desmond not to mention the whole shaking chaos that happened before, but this has been so much fun.

David Knepprath said...

Haha! Oh brother. Well, we beat this argument to death. You have bunkered down in your stance so deep that you couldn't climb out even if you wanted to, and I can only show you the facts.

I have enjoyed it too. It has kept me distracted on these long days at work. Cheers!

I'm glad you enjoyed the 24 references. ;)

Mirranda said...

There you go, saying groovy again.... lol. Fascinatingly nerdy blog, my friend.

Jessi said...

When you said "oh brother" to reminded me of desmond. HAHA. Ok, but most of this blog actually went over my head, and I watch lost faithfully!! Maybe I should turn the foo fighters down so my brain doesn't go to much. I typed much, I meant mush, just thought I'd leave the typo in so you can see how much I'm losing it. Oh know it's bad when you start picturing a big fat purple Peter Jackson rolling around.

David Knepprath said...

"a big fat purple Peter Jackson rolling around"

HAHA! I am seriously considering writing a post inspired by that conversation. "The Hobbit With or Without Peter Jackson?"

...and thats what I was going for with the Desmond/brother dealy. Glad someone picked up on it. :)

Mirranda said...

Another thing to consider is this:

In the first season, when Desmond is first telling Jack and Locke about the code and the button, Jack is doubtful. He asks Desmond if it ever occurred to him that it might just be some sort of experiment to see how long people would stay there and push the button - Desmond's reply is "every damn day".

So, when Locke shows up and tells him that he has seen an orientation video that says it IS just an experiment it would confirm the suspicions Desmond had held for three years. Seeds of Doubt had been planted - and Locke made them grow. Curiosity is a powerful motivator.

:) -Myrrh