Friday, September 08, 2006


Looks like ABC is already starting to build excitement for Season 3 of Lost with another puzzle website.

Thanks to the thousands of loyal Lost fanatics that have already cracked the codes, you can watch the latest fragment on youtube.

Those of you who followed Lost in Season 2 probably remember the "fake" commercials for the The Hanso Foundation (A fictional company which is also an integral part of the plot) that were aired during Lost. Each week the commercials gave hints to solve online puzzles which revealed more clues and tid bits about the show. I hadn't realized they had continued this even after the season ended.

ABC has utilized, and mastered, this form of viral marketing through fictional websites that tie into the Lost "world" with great success. The immersion factor is amazing!


P.S. Come October 4th you will probably be seeing the occasional post about Lost. :) Oh, by the way, Season 2 is out on DVD if you need to catch up.


Mirranda said...

Lost! Mmm... so thrilling... :) I will watch this as soon as I finish watching season 2. I want things to be kept as sequential as possible.

Did you ever notice that the shark that attacks Sawyer has the dharma symbol on it's tail?

David Knepprath said...

Of course. Silly Mirranda, ahhh so much to catch up on. ;)