Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sort Your Pictures at Home!

This is a plea to all who have embraced digital cameras and consequently those nifty little machines at Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer and such that you can use to get prints made.

Puuulease sort your pictures at home!

It is a bit of a bother having to wait in line behind you for half an hour while you pick out 30 pictures from the 400 you took on your vacation in Hawaii. Although I must admit, it was fun to see all the beautiful shots of sunsets over the Pacific, and all the pictures from your apparent fascination of Hawaiian Hula dancers. And while I do feel like I know your family fairly intimately now, I regret that I will never get to meet your precious grandson in person.

When I finally got to the machine, an odd thing happened. I popped in my presorted CD and I simply pushed “select all” and I was done. But I felt twinge of guilt, because the person in line behind me didn’t get to experience the joy of viewing all 722 pictures of beautiful Ukraine while I edited, cropped, debated, and picked out which ones I wanted prints of.

It was worth it though, because a woman and her young daughter were at the machine next to me who I knew from the moment I saw them they were Ukrainian. I was about to say something when doubt settled in…or were they Russian?... or Slavic of some type? I listened intently trying to pick out a word that would give them away. Then I heard it, the girl pointed at the screen and her mom said “Tak”! Now I don’t know how many Slavic languages use “tak” for “yes”, I at least knew it wasn’t Russian, and in the excitement of the moment I didn’t care! In the end they were from Ukraine, and I struck up what turned out to be a very interesting conversation. They were from a town in western Ukraine not far from Ivano-Frankivsk.

David Knepprath

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Mirranda said...

haha, there's no sarcasm in this post, is there?