Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Prayer Works

I finished reading Prayer Works about a week ago, but delayed in posting the review until after doing a writeup on God's Smuggler. I was struggling writing about this book without continually explaining elements of the authors background which is documented in God's Smuggler. So, I encourage you to read my review of God's Smuggler before continuing.

Prayer Works (Previously titled "And God Changed His Mind", in reference to Moses powerful prayer in Exodus 32) by Brother Andrew is a book about exactly what the title would imply. I came into this book extremely excited for two reasons. Originally, because I have been searching for a deeper understanding of Prayer, but also as a result of another book, God's Smuggler, which I read and loved by the same author. The former excitement was thoroughly satisfied with an extremely comprehensive and thorough look at every aspect of prayer with a wealth of scripture references (A big red flag shoots up whenever I read a book meant for spiritual growth that doesn't reference scripture frequently). In most cases the text of verses are embedded, but you'll still probably want to have a Bible handy for this one. My second excitement was in some ways crushed, but in many ways misguided in the first place.

What I found to be the most intriguing and impactful aspect of God's Smuggler was his utter and complete dependence and reliance on God. So what could be better then to see into the mind of this man and see how he views prayer? Prayer works is not the most compelling read, being the reason for my disappointment, but it is meant to be more of a study then a story and I would recommend it to anyone seeking an understanding of prayer. However, Brother Andrew does include many anecdotes of stories he has witnessed, both first hand and through his interactions with others such as Corrie Ten Boom, through his amazing life dedicated to the work of God. His focus on foreign missions does not distract from the focus in that it is still extremely applicable to anyone no matter what your walk of life is.

In the same order that I reviewed these two Brother Andrew books, I would also encourage you to read them in that order. In many ways Prayer Works is a reflection on the decades of work God has used Brother Andrew and his organization Open Doors to accomplish in, but not limited to, the once spiritually desolate, dry, and closed land of eastern Europe.

We are called to be thermostats in the world, not thermometers of the world! Think about it, and then read this book.

David Knepprath

Colossians 4:2-3 "Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message..."


Melany said...

I really liked the original title "And God Changed His Mind" (it is very though-provoking!), but couldn't find the book when I looked for it later. I guess that is why! You just solved a mystery for me!

David Knepprath said...

I totally agree on the thought provoking"ness" of the original title. But, I can understand why he changed it. The title is a bit "risqué" in most Christian circles, and would probably turn them off from even giving the book a try.

Jen said...

I have heard that he writes good books havent read any yet
might have too :)