Sunday, August 20, 2006

Important Lesson

Here is a very important lesson that, unfortunately, Jared had to learn the hard way...


P.S. In response to the accusation of "thievery", I just wanted to clarify that this picture was passed on to me by my good British friend Mirranda. Apparently, on the internet it is common knowledge that Jared is the definition of ignorance. ;)


AJ said...

Hey David, just a question and a comment. First, I love the picture. Second, how do you put pictures in your site that don't freak the entire thing out (all mine make the journal go off the page) and Third (yes I know I said only 2 things but oh well) how did you make your site full screen on a wide screen?

So, how are things going up there? seems like you all are having fun!


David Knepprath said...

I'm not sure whats going on with your pictures, it has always just worked for me.

Making the blog full screen is one of the perks in the new Blogger Beta, pretty cool huh?


Dan Franklin said...

That's hysterical. I am impressed. How did you get the pic inside that frame?

Mirranda said...

Hah, brilliant. You are forgiven for thievery. :)

David Knepprath said...

Thievery!? I am appalled! I was going to talk to Franklin about it at Bible Study on Thursday.

But, I do thank you for passing along the picture. I enjoyed the laugh, and it was very refreshing to see after spending the weekend with Jared. ;)

Mirranda said...

Thievery? Thievery? Who hacked into my account and accused you of that?

I am appalled on your behalf. ;)

Jared said...

Hayo to All

I just wana tell everyone what is going through my mind in this photo...jared thought(...)

Much Love to All


P>S It is just a little creepy how David looks in the a kid breaking in to a candy store!)...jared thought(And then getting into his escape van!)

Anonymous said...

nice picture... did i show you that and forget or did you find it?

so yeah... im leaving... goodbye see you at thanksgiving... maybe.


Nathan said...

Well glad to see my work is being syndacated.