Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tour of Kiev

...A pictorial tour of Kiev to be exact. Enjoy!

St. Sophia Cathedral (1685)

St. Sohpia Belfry (1706)

St. Michael's Monastery (Built in 1108 and expanded in 18th century)

Independence Square

Golden Gate (Ruins preserved from 1050 and reconstruced in 1982)

Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs

St. Andrew's Church (1767)


Elia B said...

Wow! This pictures are breath taking, in other words they are flippin awesome. I love the artitectual design of these building, they are truthly amazing.

Melissa Jo said...

All I can say is wow...those had to be so cool to see :) I love that! Architecture is so awesome! lol -melissa jo

Aquila said...

DK, seriously, you have got to stop posting these pics ! Or else I'm going to have to just drop everything here, and go and visit the place for myself, so I can just get it off of my chest. Sheesh. I'm mean I know I just got to New Zealand, but the Architecture in Kiev is just haunting me in the most awesome way ever.

Very nicely taken thought.


Robert Clifton said...


Mirranda said...

I am so unutterrably awed by these - I'm speechless (and you know I hate that). I want to go to Kiev!!!