Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Three More Kids...

I know everyone was waiting anxiously for the next round of bio's on my kids. After these three, I will do one more post of a few kids who came once or twice and who I never really got a chance to know. Unfortunately, that means I won't have much to write on them.


I tried not to choose favorites, and I tried very hard not to show it (I would like to think I was succesful), but she is a very sweet girl, and that’s not just because she was the tiniest bit infatuated with me. :) She is very intelligent and has been able to learn English quite well, and wasn't afraid to put it to use. I will always remember how when I asked questions, she would continue to keep her hand up after someone else answered the question. Then when I asked her if she wanted to add something she would always say something to the respect of "But also..." or "But even more so..." and she would dig even deeper into the meaning behind the question. She was also one of the more curious of the bunch, always asking questions about me and my culture and just trying to have a conversation in English.


Marta was Victoria's best friend, and she only came a few times towards the end of VBS. From the little that I got to know her, she was a very nice girl.

Rolstyck (aka. "Joystick")

I loved this kid! He was one of the few guys who knew enough English to carry on a half decent conversation. He never once caused a problem, he never missed a day, was always in a good mood, always willing to help, always interactive in class, and very motivated. He had a ring with some cyrillic script on it. After much trouble we finally established in English that it said something to the respect of "Jesus Forgives". I really wanted to find one like his, for a personal
souvenir, and all the kids tried to give me suggestions of where I could find it. To no avail I couldn't find anything anywhere in Ivano-Frankivsk. In a complete "God moment", on the last day when we were souvenir shopping on St. Andrew Street in Kiev, I was browsing through a jewelry stand looking for something to bring back for my sister. But there it was! After a bit of bargaining, I got it. I had it interpreted completely, and it is an ancient Russian prayer that says "Christ Saves and Protects Us". Oh, and the story behind his nickname. On the first day I had one heck of a time trying to pronounce names. I foolishly repeated back saying "Joystick?". We all got a kick out of that, then it just sort of stuck.

Hmmm...ya, I really miss these kids.

David Knepprath


Robert Clifton said...

so, thats Rolstyck. Or joystick... lol

Anonymous said...

Victoria = Ukraine's latest mail order bride...ship her to Damascus,OR ;)

It's been fun to put faces to the names--thanks for putting up the pics!


David Knepprath said...



Mirranda said...

So how is Joystick's actual name pronounced?

David Knepprath said...

sort of like joystick...but with a hard rolled "R" sound instead of "j".

Melissa Jo said...

Haha Joystick :) Nice nickname -mel