Saturday, July 29, 2006


I got another movie for ya. This one isn't quite as funny as the Top Gear clip, but I am pretty fond of it. If you have read Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis then this movie might make the tiniest bit of sense. In the book Metamorphosis, the main character, Gregor Samsa, wrestles with the responsibility of supporting his family. He is a salesman who has become quite successful, but under the pressure of his parents and sister, who have grown accustomed to the luxuries his income has provided, he has no time for a life of his own. In my senior year AP-Lit movie brilliantly titled "Pre-Metamorphosis", we provide a heart-wrenching look into the last day of Gregor's normal routine life. So grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy! (okay...maybe its not quite popcorn material)

David Knepprath


Robert Clifton said...

Great video... Ali is a natural born actor! Defiantly gets 4 out of 5 on my scale!

Mirranda said...

Haha, I enjoyed this. Brilliant performance! You weren't very nice though, were you?