Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Links Added

I just wanted to fill everyone in on my new links.

Dan Franklin's Blog : Dan is the most serious man you will every meet. Now if you know Dan, you will understand the irony in that being the most sarcastic statement in the world.

Myrrh's Blog : She's British and she writes. What more reason do you need to be her friend?

Rob's Blog : We're like best friends or's pretty much a requirement to link to his blog. ;)

I have more bio's on my kids coming, excited.

By the way, I was just tinkering around with all the little options and settings for Blogger, and I saw that I had comments set to "Only registered users". Ya, I definitely changed that. It's now set to "Anyone". Sorry!


Robert Clifton said...

Darn right you have to!

Dan Franklin said...

Thanks for including my link. And thanks for the many comments on my blog in the last 3 and a half hours. I love it!

David Knepprath said...

I had quite a bit of catching up to do. :)

Mirranda said...

Haha, thank you! Now I feel practically famous. :)

Melissa Jo said...

:) thats funny, I should check my settings too! -mel

Mirranda said...

Cheater! You changed it just so you wouldn't lose the argument.

David Knepprath said...

Oh Mirranda, don't be bitter that you lost the argument. :)