Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm home...

...and am absolutely spent. I woke up on my train ride to Kiev (Monday morning) with a sore throat and things went downhill from there. But, I am so thankfull that God gave me health and strength for my time in Ivano-Frankivsk when I was teaching VBS!

I should be posting over the next couple days and I will start looking into way to get a lot of pictures online. I am downloading them onto my computer right now, all 715 of them.

Goodnight and God Bless, (Although I would love to still be Ivano-Frankivsk it does feel good to be able to sleep in my bed)

David Knepprath

P.S. Thanks a ton to my friends who met me at the airport!


Melissa Jo said...

Yay! you;re home lol I'm glad you had a blessed time :) I cannot wait to see the pictures! -Melissa Jo

opa said...

Welcome home, David! Oma and I are happy to know you had a safe trip home. We should not have been concerned for your safety -- God was watching over you.
Looking forward to your grocery store photos and one of your "harmless" pictures.
Love, Oma and Opa

Mirranda said...

Welcome home! 715? Wow...

I'm glad your trip home was safe - if not exactly comfortable. I look forward to seeing the pictures. :) Myrrh

Mirranda said...

Haha, I just read the comment you left about taking the picture of that apple juice... I'm sorry I missed seeing that.

Did you still get a picture of the apple juice?

haha. I'm still laughing.

Janice T said...

yaya!!!!! I'm so glad you're back... I was going to meet you at the airport, but I thought you were coming tomorrow. I'm sorry! I can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about it.
God Bless you, and glad you're back safe!

In His grace'nluv always,
Janice Tarlecki