Wednesday, July 12, 2006

August Reader's Digest

I was flipping through the August edition of Readers Digest, specifically an article they did on New Orleans, when I saw a picture that made me do a double take.

I know I have seen that picture SOMEWHERE. I started going throw the collection of pictures I have from New Orleans, and sure enough our amazing photographer/journalist who came along had snapped a picture of the exact scene.

Crazy, no?

I think I will be doing a couple posts on New Orleans in the near future. I know a lot of your were visiting my blog to keep up on what was going on in Ukraine, and I am so appreciative of your support. You will probably find that my life is pretty boring when I'm not in far away worlds doing exciting things, but I will still be posting on here occasionally. You can expect to hear more about Ukraine, off and on, as I continue to reflect and learn from my experience.



Janice T said...

yaya!!!!! I'm so glad you're back... I was going to meet you at the airport, but I thought you were coming tomorrow. I'm sorry! I can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about it.
God Bless you, and glad you're back safe!

In His grace'nluv always,
Janice Tarlecki

David Knepprath said...

Thanks Janice!

You have a very good eye for pictures by the way. I like yours better then the one they used in Reader's Digest. ;)

Mirranda said...

I'll help make your life less boring and provide exciting things to blog about. Like...maybe you can write a blog about the theft of your camera?