Friday, June 16, 2006

Ukraine To Do List

Just over a week and plenty to do...
  1. Pack. I only have one bag on can check (the other is for VBS supplies) and a carry-on. I should only need 5 days of clothes, which means I'll be washing clothes by hand at least once a week.
  2. Learn Ukrainian. Its only based on a 33 letter alphabet (Cyrillic), and while yes about half the letters look the same, they sure don't sound the same. What looks like vowels are sometimes consonant and visa versa. And then those consonant/"sometime vowels" each have 3 forms. Okay, maybe what I am doing (because of time constraints) can't exactly be called "learning Ukrainian", more or less "dabbling", but I have been studying it on the side and hope to have the basics down for the most part. 15+ hour plane flight should give me plenty of time as well.
  3. Send "Thank You" letters. I'm almost finished with the easy part, writing the letter. I just need to print, copy, sign, address, stamp, and mail them all. Support has been amazing by the way! God has not ceased to amaze me in the ways he has worked to bring in support.
  4. Haircut. I gotta trim the ol' mop.

...On top of working fulltime and trying to enjoy my summer, now that its finally here. Some sunshine would be nice though, but I suppose that will probably hold off until I leave.


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Texan Rich said...

Hey David, Congradulations and our prayers are with you here in Texas... I group of kids came down from Arlington WELS church Sunday and did a bunch of special music for our services, it was great. I may have mentioned that Holy Word supports two missions in Africa and a mission in Granada in additon to having a church here in South Austin, Georgetown Tx that is a daughter congregation and now two additional churches ... Marble Falls Tx and Round Rock Tx that we are starting... I will have a special prayer for you starting this Sunday ... and on going ... We are proud of what you are doing. Keep God's PEACE IN YOUR HEART.. and keep in touch

Uncle Richard.
Paige Texas