Friday, June 23, 2006

Ukraine Advances...

...Is it possible? Ukraine made history at its first World Cup!

*Warning: obscure Seinfeld reference*

While some might have said "the Ukraine is weak and feeble" after they were shut out by Spain in their World Cup opening game, not anymore. After they dominated Saudia Arabia and their win against Tunisia, "You not say Ukraine is weak!" (From the episode where Kramer and Newman are playing Risk and Kramer has Newman down to his last stronghold, Ukraine.)

Andriy Shevchenko scored on a penalty kick in the 70th minute to lead the Eastern Europeans to a 1-0 victory over Tunisia on Friday, making Ukraine the first former Soviet republic to advance past the tournament's group stage.

I will be in Ukraine for their next game on June 30th.


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Melissa Jo said...

Soccer is sweet! You should hear the guys I work with!( all of them spanish) screaming about who won what, its hilarious! you are LUCKY to be seeing it live! -melissa Jo