Thursday, June 15, 2006

Preparation For Ukraine

I will be using this blog to keep everyone updated on what happens when I am in Ukraine, which I hope to do periodically. I will have access to internet in the apartment of the missionaries I will be staying with. Granted it will be dial-up (Going back to dial-up will probably be my hardest transition in Ukraine), but I will try and endure it all the same and put up some posts for those interested.

I am overwhelmed with excitement to have the opportunity to see God's work being done in Ukraine. To be able to be used by Him is just that much more amazing! I leave for Chicago in 9 days (June 24th), and I still have plenty to do! Spring term just wrapped up (Done with Chemistry, FOR-EV-ER!) so I can devote my attention to preparing for Ukraine. Well, what attention I can give something when working full time.

In Him,
David Knepprath

P.S. Just a warning, but if you plan on visiting this blog somewhat regularly, you might have to endure reading some of the random crazy ideas running through my head.

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