Saturday, June 17, 2006

Miracle From El Paso

I've been plowing through my thank you letters. Not an easy task, let me tell you. Time consumeing. Not because of the amount, but because I can't help stopping and thinking about each and every letter that I write. I came to couple letters from El Paso Texas and I just wanted to share a quick story...

God works in mysterious ways. This is an indisputable fact. After sending out my first wave of letters to rally support for my mission trip to Ukraine, I received a phone call. A phone call from my great uncle in El Paso Texas, whom I had debated on whether to send a letter to for fear of sounding like I was mooching off of distant relatives. I finally rationalized the decision because of the fact that even more so then money, I was updating friends and family on the amazing ways God has been working in my life and asking for support in the form of prayer. So, the reason for this phone call? He wanted to inform me that he had passed my letter around at his church and shown it to his pastor. A series of short stories revealed to me ties within the congregation to missions in Ukraine, including that of the pastors brother being a missionary in Ukraine. As a result of this, some were even convicted to the point of supporting me financially on my short mission trip, people I have never even met in my life! This is even more amazing when I realized the fact that I needed every bit of financially support that was sent.

Gotta get back to the letters.


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