Friday, June 30, 2006

Dubeyk Center

I didn't have much chance to write about my first day, I will do a whole post on he first two days of VBS tonight. But in regard to the first day, lets just say I had my doubts on how God would be able to use me teaching VBS, but God is so faithful. More and more I have been learning to trust God, but He has once again taught me a very persuasive lesson. More details to come about the actual VBS later.

So you're probably wondering, or not, about this Dubeyk Center that I keep talking about. I have already described it as being a "luxury resort" because of it stark contrast to my living arrangements at Light City in New Orleans, but it really is far from a "luxury resort". From my understanding it currently serves as what we would call more or less a hotel of sorts. As opposed to the gutted warehouse lined with cots wall to wall I actually had my own private room, well, minus two roommates. Two room mates is a far shot from 300 roommates, so yes I would consider the room private. Where as in New Orleans we were lucky to have a charging station for cell phones and cameras and I had to share 2 shower tents with about 1000 other guys and had no running water, here at the Dubeyk Center in Ukraine each room has a TV and a bathroom with a shower. Okay, so maybe the TV was more for decoration, being that 1 out of the 20 rooms actually had a functional TV (that’s how I was able to keep up on the Ukraine-Switzerland game), and maybe I feared for my life when I stepped in the shower because I had no clue what was growing on the shower curtain and didn't know what mutated creature was going to crawl out of the cracks in the tiles next, and the running water from the sink couldn't be used for anything besides…well nothing, but it still had an aura of luxuriousness about it. I think the one common thread between Light City and the Dubeyk Center that brought back memories of New Orleans is the lack of potable water. In that respect I miss the convenience of having the Red Cross dropping off mountains of bottled water everyday for free use.

However, the Dubeyk Center has not always served as a luxury resort for the most influential of the world to wine and dine in Ukraine All along the road where the Dubeyk Center is located are multiple very similar complexes. After a bit of investigating I was able to discover that they are all Soviet Era communist youth camps used for raising kids to best serve the USSR. That is where the interesting part comes in. I can't help wishing I could see the lives of the kids at these camps when they were functional.

Continue to pray that God will use me working through the translator effectively and efficiently. It is a bit slow and tedious at times.

In His Grace,
David Knepprath

P.S. By any chance did anyone see the Ukraine-Italy game? When Italy was still only up by 1 and Ukraine came really close to scoring, the entire city of more then 200,000 (I am not even exaggerating) screamed in a united singular shout of excitement. It was quite possibly one of the most exhilarating sporting experiences in my life.


Mirranda said...

Mm, you are living in luxury. I will be praying that VBS continues to go well, and that you will manage to escape the clutches of the mutated shower creatures.

Melissa Jo said...

You sound so thrilled :) how cool is that! I would be scared of using a foreign shower, I am partial to my own. I agree with mirranda, that vbs is going well -Melissa Jo

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