Sunday, June 18, 2006

Children of Chernobyl

I continue to be amazed at people's willingness and enthusiasm to support me in their prayers and financially. I wanted to thank everyone before I leave on June 24th, and give a quick update. I will be teaching the upper level kids (ages 12-14) at Pastor Romaniuk's church. For my time in Ivano-Frankivks I will be staying with a couple, Bill and Faith Krug, who are missionaries. I will still get plenty of opportunities to taste authentic Ukrainian home cooking, that's all I was worried about.

I recently finished reading a book titled "Searching for God Knows What", by Donald Miller, and one part stood out that I would like to expand on. Don Miller illustrates a picture of the sad fallen pathetic state we were all born in to. The Chernobyl incident, in many respects, is much like our fallen state in sin. A quick search on Google will find pictures of mutated children you would probably prefer to live without seeing. We, in the same way, have become mutated from the image that God created us in. We, in our fallen state of sin, are like these children of Chernobyl, mutated far from, and in some cases beyond recognition. But God in His infinite grace sent His Son to provide healing and comfort, and ultimately freedom, from the morbid state we were born into. This comfort that is given through Christ should, and will, overflow into our interaction with all of our other fallen brothers and sisters, whether they realize their mutation or not.

I wanted to let everyone know that every single person that has supported me is in my prayers as I thank God for blessing me with an incredible family of Christians. Prayer is an amazing tool that God uses in our lives. It is also a mysterious tool, that often is wielded, and not having God's all knowing perspective, without clearly seeing its effects. After rallying prayer support for our team that went to New Orleans to do Katrina Relief work over spring break, I was blessed with the opportunity to see God blatantly and obviously answer everyone's persistent prayers. I can honestly say those prayers were answered by God with a bright shining "YES!"

I will be posting from Ukraine to give you peek into how God is working in Ukraine and using those blessed in serving Him and doing His work in the mission field. Feel free mosey your internet browser on over here whenever you feel like it to see how things are going.

"However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace."
-Paul, heading to Jerusalem, while fully understanding the persecution and imprisonment he would face. (Acts 20:24)

Always in Him,

David Knepprath

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