Thursday, June 29, 2006

Arrived in Ivano-Frankivsk!

I made it safely and without trouble (not to much at least) to the apartment that I will be calling home for the next week and a half in Ivano Frankivsk! The Dubeyk Center (Where I was staying my first 3 days in Kiev) was a luxury resort in comparison to my living arrangements in New Orleans, but the apartment is even cushier. Cushy, that is, until you step foot outside of the front door.

I'm sorry I have to keep this post so short. We pay for internet by the minute, and it is half price between 10:00pm and 8:00am. (It is 5:00pm right now, if you were wondering) I will try and get up early tomorrow morning and give a more appropriate update on what has been going on, which is a whole lot!

Please keep me in your prayers as we have our first day of VBS tomorrow morning. I think I have dealt with the 10 hour time difference on adrenaline, up until now. Jet lag hasn't been extremely bad for me, the transition has actually gone farely smoothly. But of course, a lot of you have been praying for me on that exact matter, so should I really expect it to be a problem? :) I will spend the rest of the evening preparing and hit the sack early tonight to make sure I am prepared.

By they wa, Ukraine beat Switzerland! Awesome game. Now we just have to deal with Italy. No problemo. :)

Proshjavaj! (Bye)

Serving Him,
David Knepprath

P.S. Thanks for your comments everyone! That's part of the reason I feel bad for this pathetic update, but you can count on a better one by tomorrow morning, your time. It was heartwarming to hear from people back home.


Jami said...

Wow! I couldn't even detect an American accent in your "Ukrainian!" Hope your first day of VBS went well - it will only get better after that. Have fun!

Mirranda said...

I am confident you are doing well with VBS. You will have to teach me how to pronounce some Ukranian words when you get back. :)

I look forward to hearing more! And, as always, I will be praying for you.